Wednesday, 7 March 2012

new photos!

Leydi during my wallpaper patternmaking workshop

 Adorable wallpaper
 Hector's underwater themed pattern
 Vicente tienes una pregunta para Maestra Stephanie
 Political parade (loudly) drives by
 sweet old Toyota pickup peeking out of a garage
 one beat up old beetle
Erika presents her costume design thanks to Raquel the human corkboard
 Raquel's design sketch pile
Lily presents her designs for Boda De Sangre

no straps to tie down a load?  bring a friend!

 no straps to tie down a load?  bring a friend!

 This guy was nearly the size of my hand... I'll measure that strip of wall its on for comparison later
 Puppet show during a group trip to a school in Cuyultitan!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

some more photos without me in them :)

 My favourite dirt-grafitti so far!
Rapido y Furioso - Fast and Furious...  on a circa 1985 brown Mazda station wagon with a crumpled rear quarter panel. Possibly the least fast or furious vehicle imaginable...
 our day at the Beach - El Zonte - Olas Permanentes
 Koky and Emily having a quiet moment in el hamaca
 The Side of the Church no one seems to take photos of
 Vicente - working hard on his Texture sample card
 Sunset at the beach at El Zonte - beach soccer game in progress


Sunset on the water - Lago Suchitlan

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trip to San Sebastian

Last weekend we took a little group trip to San Sebastian, a town about an hour away, known for its weaving,  as I post this I realize that I didn't actually take any photos of people!  It was amazing to see these 80+ year old machines with hand-cut gears shudder and shake as we were given a demonstration.  This particular Textileria specializes in tablecloths, placemats, runners and cloth hammocks

Sunday, 29 January 2012

More Photos!

Some more photos, a bit out of order, but better today than sitting in iphoto for eternity!
 Sunset on Lago Suchitlan
 On arrival, at the Airport
 On the bus ride to Cihuatan, look at the driver's eyes! 
 This, I feel requires no description...
The famous Jorge "Koky" Miranda,  man-about-town, future Suchitoto Mayor, freelance translator, tour guide and businessman,  supplier of free-range eggs, fresh beef hearts, Beats by Dre headphones, endless information and stories of weirdest animals ever eaten.

first week of classes done!

Well, we made through the fist week here at Es Artes unscathed!  I'm teaching Props (Utileria) here with classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I began with an Intro in my background and we began with a simple drawing exercise and paper mask project;  I wanted them to make them as quick as possible so we could get onstage to do a movement workshop, but it turned into a 2 day project, as I wasn't expecting that some of them hadn't really ever used scissors before.  Regardless the masks turned out great; 

There were a huge variety of masks and approaches, and we got on stage on Wed. for a chance to take the masks for a test drive!  The students had fun & I got a chance to pretend I was qualified to be a movement coach. :)

I then did a simple wirework excercise, turning lengths of wire into 3D cubes and little chairs, again, the range of levels of detail and hand skill varies widely, but all the students are very enthusiastic and eat up any chance to learn,  even in Robbin's scheduling & budgeting class!
They are a really great group and I begin my spanish lessons in earnest on Tuesday, as I remember terms, words and expressions, but am useless at forming sentences in the proper tense or at asking any but the simplest questions.

One more photo, taken at lunch yesterday;
from the rooftop patio at Verde Limon, a nearby cafe with delicious food, that is affiliated with an organization called Ayuda en Accion which sells local handicrafts, foods, weaving and preserves and is a donor to the Es Artes Project.  So look forward to getting a jar of Pineapple-Carrot marmalade from me!
Also, if you're interested in finding out more about the project or even making a donation, follow this link and read to your heart's content!  

And a link to CUSO international's site, who is making it possible for all the volunteers to be here without having to sacrifice three months of income, or pay for materials for courses out of their own pockets!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I made it!  A lot has happened since my training in Ottawa!  I've been "In Country" for about 5 days now, lots of meetings, lots of amazing food and great people.  I'm very excited to be here, teaching Props (or, Utilidados, here) at the EsArtes initiative in Suchitoto!  We toured the ruins of Cihuatan today and met the students for the first time,  (I will definitely need private Spanish lessons in my off-time!)  There is such a pool of talent and enthusiasm here at EsArtes for the project and so much raw talent in the students,  it will be a whirlwind but I'll try to keep updating and adding photos!
Hasta Luego!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Breaking the Seal

So here it is,  my very own blog!  Thoroughly Modern Jeremy!
I'm just returning from my 5 day training session in Ottawa at CUSO International headquarters.   I completed the SKWID course which stands for Skilled Workers in Development (at least i think it does) and prepares volunteers that are leaving for their placements shortly (that's me!)
       As some of you may know,  I'm leaving in mid-January for Suchitoto, El Salvador for about 3 months to teach some of the skills involving Propbuilding for Theatre.  The Project began around 2009, here's the Stratford Festival's webpage dedicated to the project;

And here is the link to the Suchitoto Project's aptly named Blog;

I'll be adding to this whenever I get a spare moment,  which will get farther and farther apart as I get closer to my departure date...

As a final shout out, I would like to take the chance to thank CUSO-VSO's staff and facilitators for leading myself and a group of truly inspiring fellow volunteers (all headed to other parts of the globe) through 5 days of workshops, exercises, role-playing powerpoints, the whole bit.  It was just what I needed to kickstart my volunteer experience, my attitude, and my life in a more positive direction.
I'll post links as they come my way;
like this one!;